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Frog Drawn in VisoTo see my current information architecture and interaction design portfolio, you will need a username and password.

Thanks for viewing my portfolio!

I have worked as an information architect/interaction designer, web designer/developer, tech writer, and graphic designer in the interactive industry since 1998, and as an artist and writer since the 1980s. This portfolio highlights some of my work.

Interaction Design & Information Architecture  
Interaction Design (IxD or ID) and Information Architecture (IA) are my main practice areas, and both have to do with making it easy for people to accomplish what they need to do on a web site. Information Architecture focuses on how a website's structure and content are organized, how information is labeled and categorized, and how navigation and search systems are designed. Interaction Design focuses on how websites (and elements on individual pages) behave.
Website Design and Development  
I like to experiment with smaller websites and have been creating mashups of open-source web applications and original, hacked-together code for a decade. This is a hobby of mine, and my consulting company, Alchemist Design, specializes in such projects, mostly (but not exclusively) with small business clients who are looking for a lot of bang for their buck. My Web Design & Development portfolio offers some examples from the wide variety of websites I have designed and built, from simple online brochures to full-fledged e-commerce sites for small businesses, nonprofits, musicians, and artists, as well as for myself.  
I went to college on two art scholarships, and I love to draw. In the Drawings section of my portfolio you will find examples of my pencil and ink drawings, paintings, and digital graphics.  
Print Design  
My Print Design portfolio offers some examples of brochures, invitations, business card, and CD artwork I have produced.  
Technical Writing  
My Technical Writing portfolio includes examples of book-length software user manuals, researched white papers on internet topics, and requirements documentation.  
My Research portfolio offers examples of research I have completed on internet topics and humanities subjects. Included are several published works.  

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